Top 3 Sources of inspiration.

I get asked a lot where I get my story ideas from. If you ask Sierra or Marisol, they'll tell you I'm never short of ideas and they're constantly rolling their eyes because they're waiting on so many of these ideas to come to life. But it's hard to pinpoint where I get my ideas from. I usually shrug in response and answer awkwardly. " head?" I mean it's true. I make it up in my head but it's not a very exciting answer, so I sat down and thought hard about it and came up with 3 sources. 1. Music. Music is always inspirational. Give me one song and it will inspire one moment, one scene in a story but it's enough for it to snowball into a rough plot idea and from there a draft. Every book I've written has a song as inspiration in some part of it. Couldn't tell you what song or what part of what book either, but that's no surprise. I can't even remember who Ian is (bonus points if you remember him) and once had to change a characters name four times because I forgot I used each of the names I picked out in other books. I have been working on one book for eight years. It will be my masterpiece. It was inspired by a song and task I had to do for my creative writing and editing course years ago. The goal was to free write for fifteen minutes. Any thoughts, any words that came to mind, didn't matter if they were gibberish and made no sense, I just had to write them down. What resulted was the introduction to a dark, twisted, entirely fucked up story that my lecturer told me needed to be published one day. Think Twisted Love is messed up? This book makes Twisted Love look like a hallmark movie. It's raw. Gritty, Intense. And there is so much wrong with it, that'll you'll question my sanity once it's finished. 2. People. People watching. Ever sat on a park bench or a coffee shop and watched people walk past? Ever wondered about their lives? What are they doing? Where are they going? Who are they speaking to on the phone? Why are they rushing? I do it all the time and like to make up little stories about them. Sometimes those made up stories will make it into a book, other the times they'll never see the light of day. But they do get the creativity flowing. 3. Dreams. I don't dream often, but when I do... It results in a book. My last dream that I remember having that wasn't a nightmare, was about a goat sitting surfer in a hippy van. No joke. The surfer was living out of his van and babysitting his best friends goat. That's all I remember from the dream but it was kind of perfect because it totally inspired the book I'm writing for Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward's Cocky Hero World. Though, that will be written under a pen name because in keeping with the Cocky Hero World that Vi and Penelope created, Sexy Surfer is going to be much sexier than Bailey and the Bad Boy and the rest of my Scandalous Series books, and I really don't want to risk anyone younger readers stumbling across it by mistake. Another book I wrote based on a dream was Hot Mess. I had this weird dream about a broke girl in a tool shed spying on her super hot Nick Bateman neighbour and him catching her then flicking her hair and saying, "Well, you're not scruffy." even though she had paint in her hair and dried strand of spaghetti, like he was kind of impressed by her hot mess self. And that my friends, was how Wren and Tate were born.

4. Thought I'd throw in a bonus one.

Marisol. My beautiful, crazy, hungry friend. We met after she read my books and hunted me down online and we've been friends ever since. She's live across an ocean, we've never met but we talk often. It usually always leads to food but she has so many stories and moments in her life that not only provide unending inspiration, but also make me laugh, make me cry, make me say "what the fuck, dude?" or generally just wanna give her a high five and a taco party.

So if I ever write about a taco loving girl, it's likely inspired by her. So there we have. That's how I get some ideas. The rest, I really couldn't tell you, but I'll go with music, or lyrics as inspiration for the bulk of it.

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