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Reaching my goals one step at a time !

My news year's resolution was to make this year my year. Up until now, I've sort of just been winging this author thing. I've never had a plan or goal, other than to write books and publish them. That was it.

I realised it wasn't a good way to work, becau

se without a boss or manager standing over my shoulder ensuring I'm doing what I should be doing, I end up spending more time watching Supernatural and scrollin

g through Facebook, and much less time writing. But books. We like books, right? I like books, I like writing them and I have so many ideas for them, if I only I could focus on them as much as I do on Chris Hemsworth in a Thor costume <-- It's a real problem. JK ;) maybe. I decided to change that and this last week has been great, productivity wise. I managed to plan out all my social media posts, create pretty images for Instagram, and also watched a few training videos and read a few craft books (writing craft - like how to improve my writing and authoring,

not how to make paper mache easter baskets, though that would have been a great craft to do with the bro show). And now I am ready to write all the words for all the books. ZERO distractions. As long as I stay away from Netflix. Are you as easily distracted as I am? Or are you one of those unicorns who are so organised that your socks match? Let me know!

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