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If I Could Write A Book...

I was researching the other day and came across the question: If you could write a book, what would you write about? I got ridiculously excited at the thought of what I would write about, so I sat down to do a whole, 'If I could write a book' post... but, I kind of already do that. I write books. Then it got me thinking...If I could write any story in the whole world, what would I write? Zombies. I'd totally write a post apocalyptic zombie romantic comedy. Why? Because I'm obsessed with zombies. Like more than I loved vampires when vampires were cool. And I mean... Edward Cullen...

AND Damon Salvatore. It's hard to top that dude, but then they went and cast Ian Somerhalder with those eyes and that smirk and I was lost again.

How could you beat that?

You couldn't. It was impossible. Until one show on Netflix won me over. Z-Nation. I've watched that series four times and it never gets old. Doc and 10K are gold. It's hilariously gory and utter weird perfection.

If I could write anything in the whole world it would be something like that...And it would be gory, and bloody and messy and so so gross, but it would also be sexy and sweet and laugh out loud hilarious. That's my goal. And epic zombie rom com.

Don't judge... I'm also crazy obsessed with Ian Ziering and the Sharknado franchise. More pure genius, right there. So...if you could write a book, any book, what would you write?

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