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Fangirl Friday: Stephenie Meyer

This #FangirlFriday kinda goes without saying because I guarantee I'm not the only one fangirling over this particular author this week... Drum roll please.... Insert girly screams here: It's Stephenie Meyer. In honour of the most anticipated news of this century so far, in my opinion at least...Who isn't excited about the upcoming release of Midnight Sun? Edward Cullen is getting his own damn point of view and I can't freaking wait. It's been a long time coming and I totally understand Stephenie's hesitation in finishing this story after an early draft was leaked, but my little Twihard heart is so so happy, she's finally done it. Like most popular things, I kind of missed the boat when Twilight was released. I didn't read the first book until after I saw the movie. Crazy I know. Then I rushed to the bookstore and bought the book. After that I was a goner... I devoured it and raced back to the store at almost midnight to buy the next 2 books because Breaking Dawn hadn't been released yet. I ignored everyone in my life for the next couple of days, was late to work too because I needed to read and find out whether Bella chose Edward or Jacob. I was totally team Edward in case you didn't get that part. And now his story is coming... OH MY GOD!!!! You can preorder it here

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