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Fangirl Friday: Lauren Blakely

Lauren Blakely. Oh, my god. Lauren Blakely is hilarious. She makes me laugh out loud with her books and I'm not entirely sure it's intentional on her part, but there is snorting on my behalf. Oh, yes... I snort. Her books are witty, and her comedic timing is perfect. Her heroes are real and totally swoony and her heroines are relatable and realistic. Her books are of the few I'll listen to on audible. She has the best of the best narrators and in my opinion, narrators make or break an audio book. If I don't like the narrators voice, or the way they protray the character then I lose interest. Lauren Blakely has exceptional narrators and I love to listen to her books while I'm cleaning the house or cooking or doing other mindless tasks that require little thinking. Best thing, a lot of her books are available in Audible Escape romance package which you can try for free by clicking the banner below! Start my favourite of her series here:

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