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Fangirl Friday - Jay Crownover

It's Fangirl Friday. This might be one of my favourite days of the week. Though after some consideration and inspiration from a couple of friends, I'm thinking about implementing Thorsday-a day dedicated to Chris Hemsworth, and Supernatural Sunday-a day dedicated to Supernatural (the TV show, or like ghosts and goblins and ghouls, oh my!). But enough about that, today I'm fangirling over Jay Crownover. Her books are just...urgh... I have no words. But she was the very first author I ever read in e-book format, and I became an instant fan. Years later, she is still one of my top five one click, no questions asked authors. Rule. The first book in her Marked Men series. I started with Rule, and you should too. You know, if you want to give her a go. It is everything. Romance and passion and drama, and sexy. Did I mention Rule is'tatted up bad boy' and who doesn't love a story about of them? I could go on and on but I'll leave it at that... and drop the link below, just in case you want to see for yourself how awesome Rule, and Jay truly are! Check out Rule here!

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