Challenge: Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover. It's something we're all guilty of. It's something we're all well too aware is true, yet we always, even if just for a second, are guilty of it. Judging a book by it's cover. I know I've looked at books with covers I personally find less than desirable and skipped right on over to the next book because the cover model had a strong jaw, sharp cheekbones, mesmerising eyes and lickable abs. Uber hot cover model professionally designed versus stock photo with plain text slapped on top in a quick home job. And I know I'm not the only one. I've also one clicked a book purely because of said lickable cover model and have found myself incredibly disappointed because the book didn't live up to my expectations of it. That's not to say it was a terrible book, because I guarantee you the book had readers chomping at the bit for more, it just wasn't my thing. Much like a lot of books. I do fangirl Friday here on the blog every (or almost every) week and I know the books I'm reading and loving and recommending are going to be books some of you don't like, maybe won't even entertain the idea of reading, maybe even skip over because you totally judged the book by the cover and decided the lickable model with sharp cheekbones isn't really something you want to lick. But what if that cover you find less than appealing holds a secret little gem? A book that captivates you from the first scene and holds you hostage with its words. What if the author spent all their money on perfecting their story that it left little to none in the budget for a cover? How will we know we're missing out on the next best seller or what will later become know to future generations as a classic? We don't. Unless we stop judging books by their covers. Just because the cover isn't professionally made doesn't mean the writing is sub par. Just because the cover is best thing you've seen since Chris Hemsworth took his shirt off, doesn't mean the book is going to blow your mind and keep you turning page after page until it's 5am and you have to get up for work in 45minutes, So I'm issuing a challenge: that book you just skipped over because the cover or title didn't appeal to you, click it, read the blurb, download a sample and come back here and tell me if you were pleasantly surprised...

**NB: look who just found Supernatural GIFS on the blog...

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