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3 things to know before you read my books!

I thought it'd be fun to do a quick about me post. Or more accurately... about my books. So three things you should know about me and my books before you read me: 1. I'm so cheesy. My books are cheesy. Well, not all but some of them. I mean come on, my first book is called Bailey and the Bad Boy. How much cheesier can you get? A lot, it seems. Throw in the fake boyfriend, overly bitchy high school students and loud obnoxious declarations of love with the f-bomb thrown in there for good measure, cos you know, it doesn't count unless you say fuck, and well, you're left with Bailey and the Bad Boy. I'm cheesy, but I own it! So cheesy, in fact, I jsut changed my tagline to: Romance with a side of cheese and a dash of cliche. Whatcha think? 2. I write how I speak. I write in run-on sentences and fragments, much to my editors annoyance. But that's what she's there for. To pull me into line and fix my mess of words. The Beard says he could never read one of my books because it would sound too much like me. I am who I am. 3. My books are unintentionally funny, light and quick reads. It's not that I don't like light and fluffy, with unicorns and rainbows in my romance, but I don't. It just seems to come naturally to me. What do I like to write? Dark and twisted, and totally messed up stories that would have you questioning my sanity. If you've read Twisted Love, my suspense/thriller with a dash of romance, that's just a fraction of how messed up I can write. I like pushing boundaries and crossing lines and making you stop and think WTF? Yet, I write about a pizza addicted instagram model obsessed Hot Mess with barbie doll heads for wine stoppers. If I haven't scared you off with all that truth, then you can check out my cheesy books here:

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